Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Episode 25

Thanks to all the folks who left reviews for us on iTunes. We start up Taulbee's run, fast-forwarding three years and sending our intrepid protagonists to Russia, in search of Turge. Join Sassy Sara Sasquatch (hobbit druid), Gun Brightmetal (dwarf artificer-gunsmith), and Schneltheck (gnome rogue-arcane trickster) as they board a train and seek out their troubled half-orc friend in the frozen taiga.

How about that sweet new banner image by Isaac Milner? Check out his instagram here.

Check out the Artificer playtest info from Wizards of the Coast here.

Background sounds by Tabletop Audio.

Theme song is Hemispheres by Silent Partner.

Death Save is a part of the Ace Podcast Network.

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